Our Philosophy

We believe
that real
beauty lies
in the details.

AH International began with a simple intent: provide creative OS&E solutions for India's maturing hospitality industry. While simple this intent would grow into a new business model connecting clients to manufacturers, delivering quality products, services and experiences, simultaneously thinking towards economy and practicality in each of its partnerships across India & Asia. AHI provides single-window solutions for hospitality OS&E requirements: sourcing and manufacturing products tailor suited to client needs for In Room, Housekeeping, F&B, Kitchen, Banquet, and Front Office departments. We pride ourselves in helping clients achieve across-the-board brand consistency and scalability with our prompt dispatch and innovative stock strategy solutions. Ours is a team committed to lasting relationships, built upon trust and the promise of a job well done.

AHI was founded in 2012 by Himanshu Lodha, a Jaipur based entrepreneur with experiences in Milan, Madrid & Shanghai, with a belief that business should operate a dynamic approach fostering transparent relationships, anticipating market trends and client needs. AHI is a company founded upon concepts of dynamic growth and sensitive innovation, offering 360 degree hospitality solutions to every client based upon their individual needs. Ours is a company driven by the passion of youth, tempered by experience and committed to delivering comprehensive and elegant answers for any situation.

Our Team

He brings tremendous positive attitude and his passion for his work shows in every task that he performs. The last mile runner, always ensuring productivity and delivery of greatness in everything that we do. You will see that he is a great handler of crisis and managing logistics, both pulled off so effortlessly as if it was a child's play.

Founder & Director

He graduated from Jai Hind University and worked as a Financial Analyst for Future First - Israel. His passion for finance and business operations are evident in his work and show his strong foundation in the field of Business Management. He is the backbone of AHI and works with the finest detail, and speaks numbers like the back of his palm.

Co-Founder & Director

Our Model


Our Offerings

In Room Solutions

A comfortable and well-equipped room brings with it the promise of dreamlike luxury. AHI offers the finest In Room solutions for your hotel as we believe in creating a unique experience for your guests with our dedication and commitment. We offer a diverse range of In Room accessories, appliances, and electronics in addition to bed & bath linen.

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F&B Solutions

AHI aims to ensure that your guests have the most refined and elevated dining experience. Fine cutlery, an elegant set of crockery or refined glassware can add grace and a touch of class to your world. Therefore we offer you a wide range of Food and Beverage solutions to cater your every need.

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Kitchen Solutions

A kitchen is the central place for any restaurant, cafe or hotel. We believe that creating food is creating art and therefore you deserve the best resources to do so. We offer you a wide range of fabricated kitchen solutions to help you reach and create your masterpieces.

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Banquet Solutions

Your banquet is the area where all big milestones are celebrated, from weddings to award ceremonies. It is the place you use to hold a variety of guests, all under one roof. Therefore, it is important to have the best facilities available for them, from trolleys to furniture. This is why AHI provides you with a complete range of Banquet solutions.

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Housekeeping Solutions

AHI provides a wide range of housekeeping amenities to give you sustainable and practical solutions, even from behind the scenes. We give remarkable solutions for accessories, trolleys, miscellaneous and waste management products.

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Front Office Solutions

Front offices are key areas that leave the first impact on your guests. They are a personal introduction to the personality of your hotel. We at AHI offer premium front office solutions to help you create a lasting first impression on anyone who enters your lobby.

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Spa Solutions

AHI boasts a unique experience in aiding the development of unsurpassed spa facilities. We provide hoteliers, spa owners and private investors with a stunning and innovative spa department focused on establishing a solution to create that differentiating factor that strengthens the hotel brand.

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Security & Engineering Solutions

We leverage our understanding of the needs of hotels and resorts, knowledge of engineering requirements, and expertise in designing these solutions that help our clients improve their engineering and security efficiencies and provide a significant competitive advantage.

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Our Partners

  • Jvd France
  • AEi communications
  • Cotell
  • Standard Textile
  • Samsung
  • Serta
  • Minibar Sysytems
  • Philips
  • Bagen
  • Broggi
  • Abert
  • Sambonet
  • Arthur Krupp
  • Strahl
  • Zwiesel
  • Schott Zwiesel
  • JenaerGlas
  • LSA International
  • Ichendrof
  • Bromilio Locco
  • italesse
  • Richard Ginori
  • Rosenthal
  • Tafelstern
  • Playground
  • luzerne
  • Revol
  • Style Point
  • Soul Studio
  • Costa Nova
  • Graupera
  • lazzaro
  • Ariane
  • Insight Lighting
  • lumea
  • Peugeot
  • T and G
  • FOH
  • LinDNA
  • Helios
  • Chasseur
  • LAVA
  • Securit
  • impulse
  • MyGlass Studio
  • Rosseto
  • Typhoon
  • Kilner
  • Paderno
  • Pujadas
  • Mauviel
  • kmw
  • Dalebrook
  • Cambro
  • Thrill
  • cocktail kingdom
  • Urban Bar
  • Bar Professional
  • weber
  • Neumarker
  • roller
  • kitchenAid
  • Santos
  • sirman
  • hatco
  • williams
  • Waring
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Robo Coupe
  • Sammic
  • Zedteck
  • Stella
  • Silikomart
  • Martellato
  • Chocolate World
  • Demarle
  • Deson Live Cooking Station
  • Evinoks
  • Rubbermaid
  • Ellemetery
  • kibble
  • graco
  • Foundations

Founders Letter

The nature of the game has changed; no longer is a hotel simply a place to rest one's head, a shelter offering the basics, in today's market the hotel has positioned itself in offering unique experiences, specific atmospheres built around strong brand identities. Each hotel has become a miniature ecosystem offering the very best to guests, a range of choices to suit every need, all the while crafting memorable brand experiences built upon personable relationships and attention to detail.

While the concept of the hotel may be changing, the systems of supply central to the entire hospitality industry are increasingly old-fashioned and inefficient. The current supply systems lack nuanced understanding of client needs or market trends; they are impersonal and result often in wastage in both time and money. We started thinking about the possibilities of creating an initiative to address problems plaguing the industry, offering comprehensive OS&E solutions with targeted sales support, synchronized dispatch, central warehousing, and an ever ready stock turning any challenge into an opportunity.

Hence, we saw a huge opportunity in going beyond and re-inventing an old fashioned chain of supply; ours is a system of timely dependability, technological innovation, and afford-ability. AHI offers 360 degree solutions tailored suited to individual client needs, partnering with some of the world's leading manufacturers offering a range of products curated along the lines of design, quality, and practicality.

With 10 years experience in the consumer durable industry and five years success in OS&E sector, the value that AHI brings to projects is an ability to harmonize diverse objectives through its global purchasing resources, its highly skilled and specialist teams and a management experienced in controlling both budgets and supply chains. We understand how important the details are and the difficulty in crafting an effortless experience, we are here to make that process easier.

Central to AHI are the people we work with and the relationships we foster within our team, with our vendors, with our partners, as well as with guests who everyday, across the globe, interact with our products. We believe business is not built solely upon turnover, instead it is predicated on transparency, honest interaction, and simplicity. We attempt to understand the soul behind our client's motivations, each project tailored to the ethics & aesthetics of each of our clients and associates. With every project new members enter into the AHI family, a network crossing both borders & cultures, a family with a very bright future ahead.

-Himanshu Lodha


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